• Variable speed pumps
  • Operate from 400 RPM to 3450 RPM
  • Maximum system flow of 160 GPM
  • Two automatic actuation valves
  • Ultraviolet water sanitation system


  • Color changing LED light
  • 12V/14W
  • Pool & Spa LED light with RGBW Technology
  • 180° Beam for complete coverage

Proudly Made In Canada


  • 400000 BTU/Hour master temp heater
  • Natural gas or propane
  • 30°c/hour temp increase in -10°c weather
  • 120/240 V AC, single phase, 60 HZ

Pool & Spa Control System

  • Easy touch screen logic app for PC/Smart Phone & Tablets
  • 40 Amp service

CSA/UL Cert: Must be installed by qualified electrician to meet local code requirements


Where can Modpools be shipped?

The beauty of our pools being constructed from a shipping container is the ease of transportation. Our Modpools can be shipped worldwide.

Does the window come standard?

The window is not included in the base price. Most of our windows on the side walls are 4×8 or 4×10. Some customers choose a 4×6 end wall window OR a combination. Custom sizes also available.

How long will it take for my Modpool to be manufactured?

Typically our production time is between 12-16 weeks from time of order to shipment of your completed Modpool. Please contact us for current wait times.

How do I install a Modpool?

Modpools can work with your local contractors, advising on proper installation procedures. Ground prep will likely be required, the most common and cost effective is 8” of compacted gravel. A concrete slab is also a popular method for placing our Modpools on. Please note, these are the most common methods and various alternatives exist.

Once our Modpools are placed, only two service connections need to be made:
1) Natural gas/propane for our heater
2) 40 amp electrical service and designated ground wire.

How much does a Modpool cost?

8’X10’: $14,900 USD | $18,500 CAD
8’X20’: $29,900 USD | $37,900 CAD
8’X40’: $39,900 USD | $49,900 CAD

What are the measurements & weight ?

10′ Modpool
Water Level: 4′
Height: 4’8″
Width: 8’2”
Length: 10’7″
Dry Weight: 4000 lbs
Full Weight: 16,000 lbs
Volume: 1500 gal

20′ Modpool
Water Level: 4’6″
Height: 5’2”
Width: 8’4”
Length: 20′
Dry Weight: 7,800 lbs
Full Weight: 46,200 lbs
Volume: 4800 gal

40′ Modpool
Water Level: 4’6″
Height: 5’3”
Width: 8’6”
Length: 40’2″
Dry Weight: 16,000 lbs
Full Weight: 95,000 lbs
Volume: 9600 gal

Can I have my Modpool painted a different color?

Of course! Our Modpools standard color is black, however our customers are welcome to request a specific color.

How does the divider wall work?

Our Modpools come standard with a divider wall. The divider wall is used when you want to separate the hot tub area from the rest of the pool.

During the winter months, you may only want to use the hot tub portion. To reduce energy consumption, simply slide your divider wall in place to create a water barrier. Switching the Modpool from ‘Pool Mode’ to ‘Spa Mode’ on your phone will heat the water from the hot tub portion only.

Can I make my Modpool an Endless Swim Spa?

Yes, we offer the option to convert your Modpool into an endless swim spa.

Is Modpools an above or below ground pool?

Modpools can be installed both above or in-ground.

Are there pool covers available?

Modpools offers a variety of styles, ranging from snap button covers to electronically controlled child safe retractable covers that can be walked on.

How many jets are in the Hot tub?

Both our 20’ & 40’ Modpools come standard with 8 body jets in the hot tub, the jets can be controlled via your smart phone.