Modpools are designed to be plug-n-play, meaning everything you need to run your pool comes built-in. Modpools come equipped with a pump and filtration system, a heater, wifi control, and a color-changing LED light.

Variable Speed Pump

variable speed pump

The Intelliflo® Variable Speed and Flow Pump is one of Pentair’s most efficient pool pumps. It self-monitors the rate of speed water needs to move at, instead of standard pumps that run at full speed 100% of the time.

Sta-Rite System 2
Modular Media Filters

System 2 Modular DE Filter

The Sta-Rite System: 2TM Modular Media is a cartridge pool filter system that uses a single replaceable grid element that catches more debris, delivering quality water without the need for D.E. Filters.

Jandy Pool & Spa
Gas/Propane Heater

Jandy pool and spa propane and natural gas heater

The Jandy JXi 400 pool & spa heater is a compact and energy-efficient
heater. It cuts down on heating costs by using Integrated Bypass
technology that diverts water away from the heater when the pool is not
in use.

Raypack Spa-Pak
11KW Electric Heater

Raypak 11KW Electric Heater

The Spa-Pak spa Heaters have been designed to provide efficient, pollution-free, electric pool heating while requiring minimal installation. The Spa-Pak consists of a sheathed resistance element installed in a copper tank.

Pool & Spa Control System

PSL4 Control Panel Modpools

All sizes of Modpools have the EasyTouch®PSL4 Pool and Spa Control Systems. This works with the ScreenLogic2® Interface to control with a computer or mobile device via WiFi.

Pentair Microbrite
Color & White LED Light

MicroBrite Light

The Microbrite Color and White Light from Pentair is an excellent LED light for your Modpool. It now comes free with all sizes of Modpools, and works with the Pentair controls.