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Save 15% on all 12’x8′, 16’x8′, 20’x8′, and 40’x8′ Modpools with an automatic cover, or save 10% on our widened 20’x12′ and 40’x12′ Modpools with an automatic cover.
All qualifying Modpool orders must have a scheduled delivery date prior to May 1st, 2024. The 15% or 10% will not be reflected on estimates through our 3D pool builder but will be applied to your finalized invoice provided by a sales associate. Sale ends Friday, December 22nd, 2023.

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Design The perfect pool!

Design The perfect pool!

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Why choose a modpool?

Modpools is the original container pool of North America, with over 1000 container pools built and shipped all across Canada and the USA. We use only the highest quality of materials and equipment from North America’s top suppliers. Modpools is a trusted brand regularly featured on TV and across social media.


Every Modpool is uniquely configured to suit your needs, from the length and width to the added features.

Smart pool

Easily control the temperature, jets, and lighting of your Modpool from anywhere using your smartphone.

fill & chill

Unlike conventional pools that can take weeks to pour and cure, your Modpool can be up and running the day of its arrival.

hot tub

Add a Modpool divider wall to quickly and easily convert your Modpool into a hot-tub, and back to a pool again.

What customers are saying about us

Extremely positive experience and enjoyed the pool all through winter. My family loves it!

Nick P.

Google Review

After months of research and quotes for in ground pools we found Modpools and made a purchase. Receiving, craning, and installing has been a great experience. The best part is if I ever move i can take it with me. Modpools has made the whole experience painless and easy. I do however wish I would have spent the extra money for the cover. Thanx for everything

Steve C.

Google Review

We made the decision to purchase a Modpool after ruling out the possibility of an in-ground pool (leach lines, septic interference). We've had it about 9 months now and have loved how it's been a part of our back yard transformation. Over the summer, we were in it almost nightly, utilizing the pool and hot tub portions.

Jordan H.

Google Review

We are a Shipping Container Hotel in Texas called FlopHouze and we purchased a ModPool! We absolutely LOVE it and our guest love it too! Easy to maintain. We have it heated for the winter. It is everything we wanted and we are very happy with our purchase!!!! Definitely recommend ModPools to everyone that wants to think out the box and into shipping containers!!! 🙂


Google Review

This is still one of my top 2 favorite purchases of all time. The aesthetics of a Modpool is prefect for our home. The size and usability is spot on. Everybody loves it and thinks it’s one of the coolest things they have even seen. I would and have recommended Modpools to every person I know!

Brice G.

Google Review

We absolutely love our Modpool! As a family with an active 6-year old girl, we're in the water 3-4 times a week, even in the winter months (we live outside of Vancouver, Canada) as we keep our pool heated and covered (thick hot tub style cover).

David S.

Google Review

Very good Customer who appreciates good service & quality workmanship.

Peter B.

Google Review

We bought a Modpool and are in the process of buying a second one as well. It has been a wonderful experience and less maintenance than the liner pools that we have typically bought. We put these pools with rental homes and folks rave about them

Mark M.

BBB Review

I got my Modpool right before it turned to winter in Colorado but that hasn't stopped us from using it almost every day. We got an 8x20 pool and keep the partition out and use it as a giant hottub. Every time I've had a question and called the company they've been very responsive. I love love love my Modpool!

Ellen M.

BBB Review

It’s been over a year now since we had our 20’ x 8’ Modpool installed. I use it every day. We were considering moving because I wanted a pool and didn’t feel our yard was big enough, then I discovered Modpools. It fit great in our yard and was super easy for our landscaper to drop in. We love the option of sliding the wall in for a hot tub experience. With the gas heater it heats up super fast. The electric cover option is very safe and gives us peace of mind when we’re not using it. I highly recommend a Modpool for many backyard situations. It has upped our backyard game, our kids and their friends enjoy it all the time.

Chris S.

BBB Review

Overall experience purchasing a Modpool has been very positive. The process of purchasing to shipping and installing the product was very simple and easy. All of the materials provided for installation worked perfectly for our contractors with no hiccups. Even some small scrapes during installation were easily remedied by the Modpool team with their support.

Dean H.

BBB Review

We filled our ModPool up two weeks ago and have used it everyday since!! WE LOVE IT! When I was researching pools, I knew I wanted a pool that could be a spa during the winter, since we have more winter months than summer months, but could definitely be a pool in the hot summer months. But I also knew that I wanted a spa/pool that looked like a pool, not a spa. ModPool fit the need perfectly and, now that we have it, it's exactly what I imagined in my head. 

Dana R.

BBB Review

We filled our ModPool up two weeks ago and have used it everyday since!! WE LOVE IT! When I was researching pools, I knew I wanted a pool that could be a spa during the winter, since we have more winter months than summer months, but could definitely be a pool in the hot summer months. But I also knew that I wanted a spa/pool that looked like a pool, not a spa. ModPool fit the need perfectly and, now that we have it, it's exactly what I imagined in my head. 

Michael R.

BBB Review

My family and I purchased our modpool April- May 2020 and we received it by July 2020. Everything was a breeze from the initial contact to transport and the install. They really understand what we wanted and executed. Amazing product and company.

Katherine Z.

BBB Review

I had a great experience with Mod Pools. Before I ordered my pool I had sent numerous emails prior to my local government issuing a permit, which they answered, and provided backup documentation. They spoke with my contractor without hesitation, when he called with questions. Payment options were easy. Overall a very good company to deal with.

Bernadine J.

BBB Review

We really like the mod pool product and have been enjoying it all winter. The mod pool staff was very good at answering all our questions while we were determining if mod pool would be a good fit for our family and yard.


BBB Review

Very cool company, I ordered a pool and added some non standard additions which they were able to do at a small cost. I talked 1-on-1 with the owner who is very nice and helpful. Our install process went smooth and the pool has been running great. Please do not expect Modpools to act as a contractor or deal with the install process - they build and sell the equipment. Getting permits and install is all on you.


BBB Review

Probably the coolest and best investment we have made . We are in the pool 3-4 times a week. We live in Michigan but we didn’t put in ground so would like an option for an additional insulation and added exterior but I can handle onsite. Then I will keep open 365 days a year . You can install in ground for better insulation but too cool to look at

Jon C.

BBB Review

I Have Had a Modpool now going into our 2nd year (2 Michigan Winters) we have choose to keep the pool in service through the winter both years, and surprisingly it has been pretty affordable to do so! It Has Been An Excellent addition to our home! Modpools Have been a Very Good company to do business with, i am very Pleased! i Would Highly Recommend and Have to many People.

Erik L.

BBB Review

Modpools have been very good to work with, especially during the installation phase.


BBB Review

Great product and process. Modpools provided a design package and engineering which helped me get approvals from a difficult coastal San Diego city. Shipped on schedule and was carefully packaged. Awesome that it was craned in place and installed in one day. Modpools responded quickly to all of our questions during setup and has reached out several times to make sure everything is going well. Can’t wait for our house to be finished so we start using everyday.

Matt V.

BBB Review

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