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Modpools is the original container pool of North America, with over 1100 container pools built and shipped all across Canada and the USA. We use only the highest quality of materials and equipment from North America’s top suppliers. Modpools is a trusted brand regularly featured on TV and across social media.

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Unmatched versatility

A pool that effortlessly fits into any backyard. With multiple installation options, from Inground to On a Roof, Modpool defies limitations, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

No need to worry about your yard’s size or shape – Modpool seamlessly integrates into virtually any environment. Whether your space is large or compact, flat or sloped, Modpool’s flexible design accommodates diverse landscapes.

Modpools empowers you to choose your installation style and customize your backyard oasis.


Perfect for those who love the modern functionality of a Modpool but want it to blend seamlessly into their landscaping.

A modern swimming pool installed inground in the backyard of a modern home


Perfect for those who want to highlight their Modpool and make it the centrepiece of their backyard oasis.


Perfect for those who want a modern pool that stands out and who want to take advantage of our unique features.

Shipping container swimming pool in Ontario Canada


Perfect for those who live on a hill or have a sloped yard and can’t install a conventional pool.

shipping container pool installed on a hill on a sloped property with a deck around it overlooking a large field


Perfect for those who have an existing deck or patio and have little to no yard to work with.

Shipping container pool installed inside an existing deck during a pink California sunset


Perfect for the city go-er who might have no yard to speak of but won’t let that get in the way.

a pool installed on a rooftop in a downtown city at night

Wondering if your yard is a good match for a Modpool? Reach out to us today, and let’s start the conversation. Your dream backyard is just a click away.

unique features

Enhance your pool experience with Modpool’s standout features, setting a new standard for aquatic luxury. Our dedication to innovation introduces a pool that stands apart, crafted for both relaxation and aesthetic enjoyment.


Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind underwater perspective with our pool wall windows. 

Shipping container pool with windows on the side and end of the pool looking into the pool like an aquariam


Transition your Modpool into a hot tub and back again with our spa seating and divider wall.

shipping container pool being used as both a pool and a hot tub with spa seating as steps


Create a sensory-rich experience of tranquility and sophistication with our arching water jet features.

water feature jets shooting arching water out the side of the pool overhead and landing inside the pool like a tranquil fountain


These shallow, inviting spaces let you bask in the sun or cool off in the water, seamlessly blending comfort and relaxation.

a shipping container pool with a shallow baja ledge on one end where you can lounge in the water


Elevate your pool’s design as water seamlessly spills over the edge, creating a captivating and luxurious atmosphere.

shipping container pool with an infinity edge where water is cascading over the side and over a window


Transform your Modpool into a dynamic aquatic space that redefines your fitness routine and swim experience.

woman swimming against a water current from a swim jet system turning her container pool into an endless pool

Browse all of our exciting features and add-ons with our 3D pool builder. Push your creativity to the limit by customizing your dream pool today.

self contained

Simplifying the installation process with Modpool’s innovative self-contained design. Everything you need to run your pool is neatly housed and pre-installed within the hatch doors of your Modpool. Our plug-n-play approach ensures a swift and effortless installation process. We only use high-end pool equipment from leading industry suppliers like Pentair.


The Intelliflo® Variable Speed and Flow Pump self-monitors the rate of speed water needs to move at, instead of standard pumps that run at full speed 100% of the time.

Pool pump made by Pentair


The Sta-Rite System: 2TM Modular Media is a cartridge pool filter system that uses a single replaceable grid element that delivers quality water without the need for D.E. Filters.

pool filter cartridge


The Jandy JXi 400 is a compact and energy-efficient heater. It reduces heating costs using Integrated Bypass technology to divert water away from the heater when not in use.

Jandy pool heater that uses propane or natural gas


The EasyTouch®PSL4 Pool and Spa Control Systems. The ScreenLogic2® Interface allows you to control your Modpool remotely with a computer or mobile device via WiFi.

Pentair control panel for swimming pools to be controlled via remotely via smart device


The Microbrite Color and White Light from Pentair, allows you to set the ambiance of your Modpool by changing the colour of your pool lighting remotely via the Pentair controls.

Pentair led light for a shipping container swimming pool


Our TruGuard+UV sanitation system combo, reduced the chlorine needed for your Modpool by over 50% using mineral sanitation and ultra violet light sanitation methods.

use year round In any climate

Unlike conventional pools, Modpools redefine the norm, offering an adaptable space that functions seamlessly in any climate – whether as a refreshing pool in summer, a heated pool in cooler months, or a cozy hot tub under the stars. Embrace year-round enjoyment with the limitless possibilities of a Modpool.


Modpools thrive in dry climates, offering a water retreat even in arid environments. Beat the heat and create your own desert sanctuary.

shipping container swimming pool with a window on it in the middle of the the Joshua Tree desert with a large wooden deck next to the pool


Enjoy the perfect blend of cool waters and warm breezes, transforming your backyard into an oasis of relaxation.

above ground pool by Modpool installed next to a deck at a Florida Airbnb


From snowy winters to warm summers, the adaptability of Modpools ensures a constant source of enjoyment, turning your backyard into a versatile year-round retreat.


From refreshing swims in the summer to cozy hot tub evenings in the winter, Modpools provide year-round enjoyment, perfectly aligning with temperate weather variations.

fast & easy to install

Unlike conventional gunite or concrete pools that take months to pour and cure, Modpools arrive pre-built and ready for fast and pain free installation.


Modpools offer a revolutionary approach to pools. Choose your desired size and features, and let us craft a Modpool that perfectly fits your vision.


Modpools are shipped directly from our factory directly to your home from coast to coast across Canada and the USA via a flatbed truck.


Modpools are typically offloaded using a crane, which allows you to lift over obstacles such as houses and trees, and access tricky or hard to reach backyards.


Bid farewell to extended waiting periods and embrace the convenience of Modpool’s plug-n-play design which expedites and simplifies the installation process.

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Reach out to us today, and our team will do their best to connect you with a preferred installer!

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shipping container swimming pool cost calculator application

What customers are saying about us

From start to finish, Modpools is great to work with. Their sales team was great in answering any questions we had and helping us through the entire process. The drafting department was very clear in explaining the layout and design so we knew exactly what we were getting. And then after it was installed, they continued to help answer any questions we’ve had. And the coolest part is that there were only a few questions because the design of these pools is so well thought out and put together that we have had no problems at all - just a few clarifications on operation. They have put together a great product and at a great price point.

Cory D

Overall, it has been a good experience working with Modpool, and we are very happy with the overall outcome. Our guests absolutely love the pool, and constantly comment on how cool it looks. The pool definitely added value to our vacation rental and overall property value. Throughout the installation process, Mod Pool was extremely helpful in addressing all of our questions, providing us with documents, and guiding us through the process with their expertise. We've had the pool for over a year now with no issues. Thanks modpool!

Quoc P

Me and my wife love our Modpool! We went for the 20'x8' Modpool with the spa as we live in Canada and wanted to use the pool year round as advertised. We just heat up the whole pool as a hot tub in the winter months even when its snowing. Our model has a window which has been a huge hit for our kids and guests. It's a really neat feature to have in your backyard as it looks great - our backyard is now definitely the hot spot for parties and get togethers. The system is very easy to use and any questions we had were answered by promptly by Modpools. We've personally experienced great customer service. All in all the product is really great and not to mention the installation is a breeze which is really what initially sold us on the product. We're looking forward to many more memories in our Modpool!!!

Troy F

We ordered a 12x20 modpool in 2021 for a new build in Squamish. From start to finish the whole crew has been a full pro show. The design phase, delivery and especially the customer service at the end all by far exceeded our expectations. After winter our heater had a minor problem, they sent 2 tech's, swapped out a heater and had us up and running. So stoked to support a local BC company building a really quality product.

Kris E

I found the staff at ModPools to be very professional and helpful in putting together my pool order. The timing they gave me for production and delivery was spot on (actually a little ahead of schedule). My family, friends and grandkids are very impressed with the pool and it’s accessories. We love the finished product along with our new deck we had built around the pool. I would highly recommend ModPools to anyone looking to add a pool to their backyard.


We made the decision to purchase a Modpool after ruling out the possibility of an in-ground pool (leach lines, septic interference). We've had it about 9 months now and have loved how it's been a part of our back yard transformation. Over the summer, we were in it almost nightly, utilizing the pool and hot tub portions.

Jordan H

We absolutely love our Modpool! As a family with an active 6-year old girl, we're in the water 3-4 times a week, even in the winter months (we live outside of Vancouver, Canada) as we keep our pool heated and covered (thick hot tub style cover).

Overall, from ordering to delivery the process was very smooth with good communication from the Modpool team on the status and ETC of our pool. Once delivered on site, we contracted a crane company and the drop into our excavated and prepped area took less than a 3 hours, and we literally were swimming in the pool the next day.

David S

This is still one of my top 2 favorite purchases of all time. The esthetics of a Modpool are prefect for our home. The size and usability is spot on. Everybody loves it and thinks it’s one of the coolest things they have even seen. I would and have recommended Modpool to every person I know!

Brice G

After months of research and quotes for in ground pools we found Mod Pools and made a purchase. Recieving, craning, and installing has been a great experience. The best part is if I ever move i can take it with me. Mod Pools has made the whole experience painless and easy. I do however wish I would have spent the extra money for the cover. Thanx for everything

Steve C

We love our Modpool! The staff makes purchasing extremely easy. They are so helpful and accommodating. It's very easy to care for the pool and half the price of any other.

Bryan L

We are a Shipping Container Hotel in Texas called FlopHouze and we purchased a ModPool! We absolutely LOVE it and our guest love it too! Easy to maintain. We have it heated for the winter. It is everything we wanted and we are very happy with our purchase!!!! Definitely recommend ModPools to everyone that wants to think out the box and into shipping containers!!! 🙂


We recently installed a Mod Pool at our new home. Wowzer, it's amazing. So easy to use, works great and looks stunning. We have the automatic cover which keeps it warm and clean. Truly blown away at how easy this pool is to use and maintain. Thank you Mod Pools for being awesome.

Matt C

Love my modpool! It's so unique and really was a plug and play edition to my backyard after it was delivered.

George H

ModPools are the best, great customer service and support. Every time my city throw a curveball at the project ModPools had answers. Great support from the Engineering team. And it’s all UL listed for safety.

Chris T

Extremely positive experience and enjoyed the pool all through winter. My family loves it!

Nick P

Very good Customer who appreciates good service & quality workmanship.

Peter B

I just received my third Modpool and as usual am very happy with the product. I am also a general contractor so am familiar with the services, prep and crane coordination required for a smooth experience. Modpools seems to be having a lot of success and is sometimes hard to get hold of immediately. They always get back to me usually the same day, but definitely within 24 hours. The product is very good quality and a great way to have a self. contained, well built pool.

Lindsay F

Had our Modpool delivered earlier in the year. Having owned an inground vinyl pool for 15 years prior, I'm surprised at how energy efficient and easy to keep clean this unit is. With the power cover and above ground installation the days of spending hours each week cleaning out lawn clippings, leaves, dead mice and frogs, and scooping out worms are long gone. Looking forward to running it year round. Suspect a lot of bad reviews are from first time pool owners who don't know what to expect from owning any pool. Recommended!

Trev R

I don't like to give reviews on products and services unless they are very good or very bad, The service that Modpools gave me was OUTSTANDING, they told me when they will have the product ready and when I call, the product was ready. Modpools always had somebody answering my question and in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Modpools

Eduardo C

Our 8' x 40' delivered on august 1 and we were swimming on august 2, could not be happier. everything worked exactly as they said it would. The Pentair system is super smart and self starting. Build quality is great and exactly per our agreed design even with the extra depth and side brackets i requested. The delivery process was well communicated and scheduled and the pool arrived exactly on time.

John S

Very happy with our Modpool! Build quality and design are both very solid and it fits our space perfectly!

Adam S

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Modpool shipping container pool installed for Rebel Wilson's best friend for the tv show Property Brothers Celebrity I.O.U.

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Modpool shipping container swimming pool being installed for the tv show Tiny House Nation
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