modern swimming pool made from a shipping container installed inground next to a modern California home

5 Unique Modpool Installations: Design Ideas for Your Perfect Backyard Oasis

1. Modern Marvel: The Perfect Pool for Sleek Spaces

Modern home with a long and narrow backyard featuring a unique shipping container swimming pool installed inground

Embrace modernity with a Modpool in your sleek, narrow yard. If you have a contemporary home with clean lines and abundant windows, a Modpool perfectly complements this aesthetic. With its compact footprint and unique shape, the Modpool is an ideal choice, seamlessly fitting into smaller yards without compromising on style. It’s the epitome of modernity and sophistication, enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

2. Windowed Wonder: Uniquely Customizable Modpools

a shipping container converted into a luxury swimming pool with 2 large acrylic windows on the side of the pool making it look like a fish tank

Imagine a pool with captivating acrylic windows that resemble a stunning aquatic display—this is the charm of a Modpool. The innovative design, featuring multiple windows, adds a distinct allure, especially for short-term rental properties like Airbnb. These unique Modpools are inherently “Instagramable,” attracting guests seeking an unforgettable and visually striking experience during their stay.

3. Desert Oasis: Tranquil Backyard Escape with Modpool

a swimming pool made from a shipping container surrounded by sandstone, sand, and palm trees creating a desert oasis

Create your backyard oasis by integrating a Modpool into your landscape. Imagine the allure of a semi-inground Modpool wrapped in large sandstone, evoking a serene desert ambiance. This design emphasizes the transformative power of landscaping, as the Modpool, combined with complementary elements, can turn your backyard into a unique and tranquil desert oasis. Unlike conventional wooden deck wraps, the sandstone finish truly encapsulates the desert aesthetic.

4. Patio Paradise: Modpools for Limited Spaces

modern swimming pool made from a shipping container installed right into an existing wooden patio

Don’t have a traditional yard? No problem! Consider incorporating a Modpool into your patio or deck. Picture walking out of your home straight into your Modpool oasis. Even with limited outdoor space, a Modpool can serve as both a pool and a hot tub. With its versatile features like the baja ledge for lounging and a spa section, the Modpool transforms small outdoor areas into luxurious retreats.

5. Slope Solution: Modpools Embracing Natural Terrain

Swimming pool made from a sea can installed into a hill in a sloped backyard overlooking acreage

Often, adding a pool to a sloped yard seems implausible. However, Modpools defy this notion. The sturdy and innovative design of Modpools enables installation into slopes or hills, creating an exclusive and private space enveloped by nature’s beauty. Emphasize the uniqueness and privacy of this installation surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery, showcasing how a Modpool can seamlessly blend with natural landscapes.

Looking for a truly unique swimming pool? Try our 3D pool builder to design your own Modpool and get started creating your own backyard oasis today.