Small pool made from a shipping container installed above ground in a small Malibu backyard

Small Pools Can Make A Big Impact

Turning your backyard into a serene and luxurious retreat doesn’t have to be hindered by space constraints. Modpools presents a range of innovative small swimming pools, such as the 12’x8′, 16’x8′, and 20’x8′ models, designed to fit into almost any backyard space. Transform your limited space into a haven of relaxation and enjoyment using the versatility and advantages of our compact rectangular pools.

What is the smallest sized pool you can get?

Plunge pool with arching water jet installed partially inground showcasing how small pools can enhance a backyard

The smallest pool you can get from us is our 12’x8′ Modpool, also known as a plunge pool. Despite its modest dimensions, this pool provides an exceptional experience, perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

What is a nice size for small pools?

20'x8' swimming pool made from a storage container installed partially inground

Choosing a small pool depends on your preferences and available space. At Modpools, our 20’x8′ pool offers a comfortable water depth of about 4’6″ to 4’8″, ensuring ample room for enjoyment. Additionally, our 16’x8′ swim spa and 12’x8′ plunge pool, both featuring a depth of 4′, provide the perfect water to relax and cool down.

Is it worth having a small pool?

A small 20'x8' pool made from a shipping container surrounded by a wooden deck and a pink sunset

Absolutely! Even a small pool from Modpools can significantly elevate your property, providing a valuable amenity for your family’s enjoyment. Not only does it enhance your living space, but it also adds value to your home. In warmer climates, small pools are sought-after amenities for rentals, making them a worthwhile investment for Airbnb or short-term rentals. Our versatile pools can also be customized to function as both a pool and a hot tub, ensuring year-round enjoyment, regardless of the climate.

What is the smallest inground pool that can be installed?

Our 12’x8′ plunge pool is the smallest inground pool offered by Modpools. Our pools are not limited to inground installation. One of the most unique features of a Modpool is its adaptability. Our pools’ unique design and adaptability allow for installation in various settings, including above ground, partially inground, on slopes, or even rooftops.

How much space do you need for small pools?

small backyard utilizing small pools to make the most out of their space

With Modpools, space constraints are rarely an issue. Our uniquely designed rectangular pools can suit almost any backyard, including small ones with narrow spaces. Unsure if your backyard is a good fit for one of our pools? Contact us, and our team can remotely assess your property through photos, Google Maps, or Google Earth. If you want to design a Modpool for yourself and get a fast and free quote, visit our 3D Pool Builder to get started!